Experiences of sustainable and circular tourism

CircularFest has prepared for the date some interesting presentations

CircularFest comes to the commune of San Pedro de Atacama with the aim of putting the circular economy model on the agenda. In this framework, with different national and international exhibitors, the activity scheduled for November 22nd will present to guests, entrepreneurs and the community, the experience of the circular economy oriented to tourism and circular municipalities. At the same time, there will be an entrepreneurship fair, also associated with this economic model, and exhibitions and round table discussions with experts and success stories.

The activity will put on the agenda the implementation and transition to the circular economy model focusing on sustainability and care of our environments, in addition to highlighting the tourism sector as one of the pillars of the local economy, within the framework of circular tourism and how to move from theory to practice. At the same time, one of the presentations considered the exhibition and presentation of the success story of Mataró, municipality of Catalonia, Spain, Maria Calvo, expert
technical office of waste and promotion of the circular economy of the municipality of Mataró.

Experiences of sustainable and circular tourism, as well as the functionality of this model in municipalities of other latitudes, will be the pillars to install topics such as the importance of the participation of the territories and the transformation to the model of circular communes and to raise the question of how to move forward collaboratively. Eduardo Martinez, executive director Hidra, Spain, will be the expert speaker to show us the Spanish experience of the implementation of circular tourism as an axis and economic model.

Within the framework of the presentation of success stories, a national and sustainable enterprise such as FreeMet, and its experience in the care of water, will be one of the interesting presentations that CircularFest has prepared for the date.

Parallel workshops

In the afternoon and after the presentations and round tables, a series of workshops are scheduled for the community, including: "Design of a Circular Business Model for tourism", "Communal acceleration of circularity" and one especially oriented to young people in school called "Circular School, how to train for sustainable development".

CircularFest, scheduled for November 22, will also include the participation of local authorities, representatives of national companies and local entrepreneurs.