After important meetings in England

The executive director of the initiative, Andreé Henríquez, described the trip to England as central to the strategy of positioning, strengthening and generating new international networks for the Circular Economy Technology Center, CircularTec. The main objective of this trip to Europe was to generate cooperation agreements with institutions dedicated to innovation, science and technology in the United Kingdom, which are also working on topics that the Technology Center intends to develop over the next decade.

In this regard, meetings were held with the University of Manchester through its Innovation Center; likewise, a meeting was held with the University College of London and its Circularity Laboratory to advance cooperation in minerals and metals.


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Our team's visit to England

As part of this agenda, the CircularTec representatives met with the Chilean ambassador in England, Susana Herrera, with whom they discussed the possibilities of generating joint activities through the embassy in the area of circular economy.

Andreé Henríquez explained that once this experience has been completed, the plans will be finalized in the coming months of 2023.

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