Sustainability in mining is essential to move towards an industry that is competitive in the long term by generating economic, social and environmental value for its various stakeholders. This includes embracing the various commitments proposed by the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which include targets related to eradicating poverty, protecting the planet and ensuring prosperity for all. The mining industry can play a key role in implementing and promoting each of these challenges.

This is why the Circular Economy Technology Center, CircularTec, will participate in a new edition of Exponor 2024, with the aim of making known all the alternatives for sustainability and circular economy that exist in relation to mining, giving talks on circular economy, explaining its lines of services for mining, presenting its projects under development at the regional level, opportunities for technological innovation, its training programs, among others.

On June 4, the executive director of the Corporation, Andreé Henriquez, will give a presentation on "Circular Economy in Mining, Competitiveness, Strategy and Product", seeking to take a deeper look at the national and international industry.

"Exponor is a fundamental space for advancing and discussing circular solutions and innovations for the mining sector that must be implemented in order to have a more sustainable mining industry. For this reason, the entire CircularTec team has prepared to talk with business, public, university and community stakeholders about the opportunities of working with CircularTec, as a reference entity in matters of circular economy in Chile and Latin America," says Andreé Henríquez Aravena, executive director of the Circular Economy Technology Center, CircularTec.

According to the study prepared by the Circular Economy Technology Center (CircularTec) and CESCO entitled: "The arrival of the circular economy in primary mining in Chile, Peru and Colombia", we are living a key moment in terms of climate change adaptation and mitigation, where the contribution of mining will be fundamental. But this important role requires the industry to move towards circularity in its processes and to support its suppliers in this systemic transformation.

The CircularTec study identifies a total of 10 main challenges to implement the circular economy in the mining industry to generate sustainable value. Among the main ones is the existence in the industry of a conservative mentality -at public and private level- to lead organizational transformation processes.

Regarding these challenges, Henríquez stated that, "today we are at a time when companies are carrying out various actions in circular economy. The challenge is to have corporate and business strategies that allow the circular economy to be seen as a contribution to the generation of economic, environmental and social value of companies. In this CircularTec has national and international experience, due to the joint work with institutions in the design of their strategies. Also, being a technology center we seek to promote joint work with industry to scale circular solutions in their various processes. The challenge is enormous, but if the alliances that encourage collaboration are achieved, Chile can be an international benchmark in this area", concludes Henríquez.

The Center will be in the Copper Pavilion at booth 079-A, where the use of renewable materials was considered in its process, using mainly reused pallet wood.