The Circular Economy Technology Center generated an intervention from the perspective of the Circular Economy Opportunities Scanner project for the Tarapacá Region, during the Municipal Tourism Governance Roundtable organized by the Municipality of Iquique. Instance where it was discussed, regarding how tourism is developed in the city, as well as its improvements.

The activity was attended by tour operators, public and private institutions such as Sernatur and the Chamber of Commerce of Industries, Services and Tourism of Iquique; Dreams Iquique casino, gastronomic and hotel organizations, among others.

CircularTec's intervention focused on socializing the Circular Economy Opportunities Scanner for the Tarapacá region, a project financed by CORFO, of which the Municipality of Iquique is the principal and which is advised by the Spanish company Inédit.

"In this instance we were able to meet all the members of the table where we were able to share and listen to their needs, so it was important to tell them what we are doing with this project, the objectives and the relevance of the participation of this economic sector for the scanner project," said Albina Alvarez, head of Public Projects and Training at CircularTec.

Adriana Sanz Mirabal, senior project manager at Inédit, added that "one of the priorities at this dialogue table is the cleanliness of the city. Here we have an opportunity to segregate waste better, to make a more correct collection and to raise awareness among citizens so that this waste does not end up on the streets.

In this sense, from the municipality of Iquique, they thanked CircularTec for its assistance and expressed the importance of the center in the city. "Governance happens to take a more active position in the tourist decision making of the community, therefore, adding CircularTec is an important strategic ally and it seems perfect to me. We hope that they will continue to participate and become very involved in the tourism project that we are going to do in Iquique," said Ivan Nicotra, director of tourism and development of the municipality.