Andreé Henríquez, executive director of the Technology Center, presented the initiative during the seminar held on June 18 in Iquique. It is a platform with baseline information, strategies and project profiles, born from Corfo's Public Good instrument, mandated by the Municipality of Iquique and developed by CircularTec.

The website is the space where you can find detailed information on each of the development processes of the Circularity Scanner. The site not only provides access to the latest news related to the scanner, but also a complete photo gallery that, in a way, tells the story of this ambitious project that will be implemented in Tarapacá since the beginning of 2023 and will last 24 months. 

Andreé Henríquez Aravena, executive director of the Circular Economy Technology Center, pointed out that "the objective of this platform is to provide all the project information for the community of Tarapacá, but also for the regions of the country and abroad. Through this web page, people will be able to download project material, from good practices to reports, and access data that we are gathering with the project together with our client, the Municipality of Iquique". 

Circular community

Within the same website is the "Circular Community" tab. This is a space to share the efforts that companies, government agencies, universities and Tarapacá society are making to promote the sustainable development of Tarapacá through the circular economy model. Within the same tab you can find the Circular Community registration form. 

"What we are looking for here is to begin to value all companies of different sizes, the public sector, universities and citizens of Tarapacá around the circular economy," added CircularTec's CEO.