The Circular Economy Technology Center, CircularTec, receives the 40-hour stamp, a bill that favors the reconciliation of work, family and personal life. The new legislation reduces the working day from 45 to 40 hours.

It is possible to be a high performance entity and at the same time safeguard the quality of life of our colleagues.

The news was received as recognition among those who work at CircularTec, since it is a boost to the gradual application of this new legislation. In this sense, Andreé Henríquez, executive director of the entity, valued the assignment of this seal because it recognizes the effort that the institution is making to be a quality work space for its people. "Since we began to operate, our contracts have included a 40-hour work limit, because we know that it is possible to be a high-performance entity and at the same time safeguard the quality of life of our colleagues".

At the same time, Albina Álvarez, head of training and public goods at CircularTec valued the initiative and assured that these types of instances are very positive. "It is very important, considering that until now there has been a gradual and voluntary approach to the measure. It is very good thinking about the welfare of all workers, given that today we are all immersed in the role of being able to meet with the family and the development of children. So, being able to have hours to dedicate to the family or to personal development is highly relevant. It is very gratifying to be in an organization that has this seal, which is not yet mandatory.

Eric Araya, who is the events coordinator at CircularTec, also had words for this measure. "It is a very good step forward. It is a good measure that the Technology Center can implement it before the law is made official, which becomes a motivation for us as workers, where our bosses are concerned and have as a fundamental pillar the balance between our work life and our personal life".

The application of the new 40-hour law will follow a gradual implementation plan over five years. The law will be enacted on May 1, 2024, by which date all companies must have reduced their working hours by one hour per week. By 2026, two additional hours must be reduced, bringing the working week to 42 hours per week. Finally, by 2028, the reduction of the working day to 40 hours should be complete.

"The importance of receiving the 40 seal is that it is part of a series of policies that CircularTec promotes, where our mission of promoting R&D&I based on the circular economy model is achieved in balance with the well-being of our own people," said Andreé Henríquez.