After a successful 2022, CircularTec participated in various activities in Latin America and the rest of the world.
Latin America and the rest of the world.

With the participation in more than 20 seminars at national and international level during 2022, CircularTec advances in its strategy of linking with society. Among the outstanding participations of the period, are the initiatives "Circular Economy, a driver of sustainability for Europe and Latin America?" developed in Berlin, Germany and the exhibition at the "Future, Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation Commission" of the Chamber of Deputies of Chile.

Transforming Chile into a benchmark in Circular Economy

Andreé Henríquez, Executive Director of CicularTec

Andreé Henríquez, executive director of CircularTec, highlighted the presence in meetings, congresses and presentations, leading the themes of circular economy, sustainability, innovation, development and environment. "It is very important for us to participate in events where companies, academia, the state and communities converge, because we understand that our role is to transform the economy.
We understand that our role is to transform our country into a benchmark in Circular Economy, from the northern macro-zone", he explained.

The first Circular Economy Congress Peru 2022; the IX Pacific Alliance Business Summit in Mexico; the Vaivén Circular Economy Festival in Peru; the Circular Economy Workshop for political parties in Panama-Ekla; the World Circular Economy Summit in Cordoba, Argentina, are some of the international contexts where the Circular Economy Center for the Northern Macrozone has been invited to present the Chilean and Latin American experience on these issues.

"The work being done by the center at the national and international level is fundamental to bring together the various institutions to materialize the Circular Economy Roadmap. The center has been becoming a key player in this process," emphasized Luis Martínez, CircularTec's representative on the Board of Directors.

Likewise, CircularTec's national participations include initiatives such as: "Magallanes joins the Circular Economy", "Seminar on Innovation for Development; Connecting to Grow", "International Seminar on Entrepreneurship, Investment and Circular Economy of the UC Transfer and Development Department", among others.

"In 2023, we hope to generate even closer international ties that will allow the Center to build spaces for innovation aimed at sustainable development at the international level," added its Executive Director.