Eduardo Aguiñaga will share his experience of how he has worked with the linear to circular transition model.
linear to circular transition model.

"I hope this event will be a catalyst
a catalyst for the region and drive the adoption of the circular economy concept."

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Eduardo Aguiñaga, International Researcher

"Mexico moving towards the Circular Economy", is the theme that will be presented by expert Eduardo Aguiñaga, on Thursday, September 28 at CircularFest, an initiative that seeks to articulate the various regional and national actors around circularity.

Eduardo Aguiñaga is a Mexican reference in the field of circular economy and currently serves as director of Full-Time programs at EGADE Business School, the graduate school of Tecnológico de Monterrey.

"I work as a full time professor within the institution. I teach classes on corporate sustainability, responsible leadership and a specialized subject on business models based on circular economy. I recently created an online course in Spanish and completely free of charge for the general public who are interested in learning about circular economy in an introductory way," he explained.

Aguiñaga has developed several research and work on the functioning of the circular economy in his country; one of his latest works is related to the linear to circular transition model by the brewing company Heineken.

"I joined the company's sustainability team and we started working on a cross-cutting strategy that touched every area of the company. This strategy was primarily aimed at raising awareness of the concept, its benefits, and the need for its implementation. During this process, together with e-Learning, I was able to train more than 2,000 company employees and decision makers on circular economy issues. This process turned out to be extremely successful because after 1 year the vast majority of the company's areas began to detonate various projects aligned to the circular economy. This was a major milestone in the strategy, as the circular economy began to make its way into the different areas of the company, and to position itself as a primary strategy and a viable strategy for achieving the company's environmental objectives," he said.

Aguiñaga's work led the brewery to develop new strategies, which finally became a reality and after eight years were implemented; one of them was the new construction of an aluminum can plant.

Eduardo Aguiñaga, who will visit Chile for the first time, acknowledged that he has had good comments about the culture, gastronomy and landscapes, as well as the implementation of the circular economy in the country. "Something that I admire a lot about Chile in this path of implementation of the circular economy is the strong involvement I see from various actors such as companies, governments and other organizations in achieving the objectives of this economic model so needed not only in Chile but in Latin America," he said.

Regarding his participation and expectations in CircularFest 2023, Aguiñaga added that "it is to learn from all the exhibitors, generate collaborative networks and be inspired by success stories. Also, to learn about the barriers we face as a Latin American region from the Chilean perspective, as well as to be able to share my experience and if possible inspire the public to continue with this necessary transition. I also hope that this event will be a catalyst for the
a catalyst for the region and that it drives the adoption of the circular economy concept in not only businessmen, organizations and entrepreneurs, but also in all spheres of government and even consumers and users of products and services", he emphasized.