The prominent national entrepreneur will be present at the event "Communities and Circular Tourism".

"The circular economy must be collaborative"

"Taking care of water, taking care of life: FreeMet, a story of sustainable entrepreneurship", is the name of the presentation to be given by Carolina Urrutia, co-founder of FreeMet, a sustainability company that works with ecological cleaning products.

The marine biologist from Los Angeles will share her experience in the circular economy and explained that "the idea is to deliver the vision of how to carry out projects from microenterprises to larger companies and how we connect between the different actors. The objective is to show the collaborative circular economy. On the other hand, it is also key to show the positive impact of changing routines or type of products, for example,
both in the carbon footprint and water footprint. In this process, the idea is to explain how to generate efficiencies in the business model by applying a circular economy strategy and how this translates into a reduction of water consumption, especially in this area where the resource is very important.

For Urrutia, the education and operation of the circular business system must start with a necessary explanation by providing valid data. "It is important not to talk about the circular economy without first demonstrating that work is being done with life cycle analysis, with eco-design strategies, with collaborative economy and also promoting the local economy. There are several issues that are made visible in CircularFest and it is important that this is transmitted and that people
can understand that they can start from a simple strategy such as recycling by evaluating waste and then one of recovery of these same and on the other hand to reach much more important strategies such as reducing or rethinking certain guidelines that are taken in some companies or even transforming as is what ecodesign does, which is the innovation of sustainable focus", explained the entrepreneur.

Carolina Urrutia was invited to exhibit at CircularFest Iquique in September, so being at the Side Event in San Pedro de Atacama is a new motivation for her. "I felt motivated with the invitation because it is a great opportunity to convey the message that with circular economy you can make a company and emerge with models that are thinking their strategy from the returnability and from a sense that positively impacts the environment and it is important to return to CircularFest," she added.